What is basic (community) support?

Basic support is support provided by other users of the plugin.  This is also known as community support.  Basic support is provided in our free forums as well as our forum on

Basic support is included with:

  • The free core Simple:Press plugin
  • Individual, non-bundled purchases of add-ons, plugins, themes and templates
  • The silver bundle
  • Any other free product.
What is Standard Support?

Standard Support is support provided via our private forums. Unlike basic support, standard support is provided by us. 

Standard Support is provided only to the extent that it is possible to trouble-shoot an issue via messages in a forum.  There are likely to be many issues where trouble-shooting in a forum is not possible.  Those issues are specifically excluded from Standard Support.

Standard Support is included with the following purchases:

  1. Gold Bundle
  2. Platinum Bundle (which also comes with premium support)
What is Premium Support?

Premium Support is support provided via our private forums AND via our private ticketing system for issues that you do not want to be made public.

Unlike basic support, premium support is provided by us. 

Premium support users also cut to the front of the line in the support queue.

This support option comes with the benefit of hands-on trouble-shooting after we have exhausted trouble-shooting via forum, ticket and email messages.  Once those avenues have been exhausted we might opt to log into your system to do some hands-on trouble-shooting to try to get a better handle on the problem.  

While hands-on trouble-shooting does not guarantee a resolution to every problem, it does provide a higher probability of a difficult issue being successfully resolved.

Premium Support is included with the following purchases:

  1. Platinum Bundle

Please note that hands-on trouble-shooting is reserved only for Simple:Press issues and NOT for general WordPress or other plugin issues.  For those we, recommend the premium services at

Is customized code and advice included in support?

The short answer is no.  Support is provided for the standard features of the plugin and related add-ons (plugins and themes).  If the answer to a question requires custom code then you will be notified and invited to open a paid special project if you would like us to write the code for you.

Can I purchase a one-time support ticket?

Yes, you can purchase a support token for a SINGLE issue that will be handled by our premium support team.  The cost is $49.00. Please send us an email or use our contact form so we can guide you through the payment process for this.

With this option we will move your support request to the front of the support queue.  And, we will do hands-on troubleshooting if required (after the standard question-and-answer sequence to determine what kind of issues we're troubleshooting).

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