Simple:Press is used in a variety of businesses and situations. Many of the ones profiled below have tens of thousands of posts with some having over one hundred thousand posts!

Wood Designer - Imagine, Create, Enjoy

Wood Designer ( publishes Professional Stair & Furniture Design Software.

Their Simple:Press forum is used to respond to pre-sales and post-sales inquiries and to foster a community where users can share their knowledge and enhance their woodworking skills.

The entire forum set consists of 8 forums in two groups with more than 1000 topics and 6000 replies/posts.

There are 93,000 members - yes, you read that right!

Seven admins and 3 moderators keep things up and running!

The forum was recently upgraded to Simple:Press version 6.

Help For Three Legged Dogs and Cats

Tripawds ( Tripawds is the best help center for your tripod dog or cat.

Their Simple:Press forum is used for sharing stories and learning about amputation and bone cancer care for pets.

This forum is very large!

The entire set consists of 23 forums in  four groups with more than 15,000 topics and 215,000 replies/posts!

There are 8,900+ members

Three admins and 2 moderators keep things up and running!

My Plastic Free Life evolved from a simple blog formerly known as "Fake Plastic Fish") to a comprehensive resource on plastic-free living.

It is run by Beth Terry, an accountant living in Greenbelt, MD (by way of the San Francisco Bay Area).

The forum set consists of a single group and 10 forums.

There are more than 250 topics and hundreds of related posts/replies.  

Projects In Metal

Projects In Metal offers free metalworking projects, plans, tips and tricks. It has about 32,000 users and is one of the largest online hobby metalworking sites on the internet.

The forum set consists of a 6 groups and 20 forums.

There are more than 1700 topics and 13,000 posts/replies.

Its 32,000 users are kept in line by 4 moderators and 1 admin.

The Homesteading Boards

The is a large site dealing with, as the name suggests, homesteading.

The theme used in this forum was custom designed to match the aesthetics of the rest of the website. 

The forum itself consists of a single group and 12 forums.

There are more than 11,000+ topics and 58,000+ posts/replies.

Its 1,600+ users are kept in line by a single admin.

More Forum Examples

Notice the super large volume of topics, posts and members some of these forums are handling!

Friskyttarna is one of the largest MMO Gaming Communities in Sweden

  • 2 forum groups
  • 57 forums
  • 11,900+ topics
  • 102,000+ posts!
  • 8,200+ members!

Fiddlerman - learn to play the violin for free

  • 16 forum groups
  • 58 forums
  • 7,600+ topics
  • 96,000+ posts!
  • 19,800+ members!

ELSAELSA  - The First Astrology Blog, Ever.

  • 1 forum group
  • 13 forums
  • 13,000+ topics
  • 187,000+ posts!
  • 3100+ members!

Anti Money-laundering Training Programs

Unlike most other forums, this one is full width with no sidebars.

The administrator of this forum has chosen to keep their forum statistics private.