Who is a "legacy" customer

A legacy customer is anyone who purchased a subscription or product from us before December 2018.  

There are two classes of legacy customers:

  • Customers who purchased from us before July 2015
  • Customers who purchased from us between July 2015 and November 2018
What are the differences between the two classes of legacy customers

Customers who purchased from us before July 2015

Unfortunately, we have no record of anything you purchased from us other than, possibly, a support subscription.  In particular, we have no record of any plugins or themes you might have downloaded under a subscription.

This means that eventually we will be unable to offer you free updates to your plugins.  We are moving to verified licenses using Easy Digital Downloads.  Without the ability to verify your purchases we cannot assign you a license code.

In the long run this means you will have to purchase a new subscription from us in order to be assigned license codes and get updates.  You can expect this process to kick in with Simple:Press version 6.0.7 or 6.1.

Customers who purchased from us between July 2015 and November 2018

Any software the you downloaded will have been recorded in our store and therefore we are able to automatically assign you a license.

To get your license codes you just have to log into your account screen on our site.

However, if you purchased before July 2015 and renewed a support subscription during or after July 2015 but did not re-download your products, we still have no record of your downloads. Therefore the statement in the section above (Customers who purchased before July 2015) will apply to you.

I purchased and downloaded items after July 2015 but do not see a license code in the MY ACCOUNT area

If you purchased items during or after July 2015 and downloaded your plugins/themes, then you would have received a receipt showing your "purchases".  Just send us a copy of your receipt using the information on our contact page and we'll investigate right away.  

Will I continue to receive free updates if I stick with version 6.0.6 or 5.7?

We are no longer updating the plugins and themes for version 5.7.x.  So there will be no updates available to anyone (legacy or other customers) on those versions.

Customers who choose to remain on version 6.0.6 instead of updating to later versions will continue to receive free updates to plugins and themes. However, these updates will be delayed.  We will batch them up once or twice a year and release them via the 6.0.6 legacy automatic update mechanism.  

This means that some updates can be substantially delayed.  If we release an update to a plugin or theme just after a batch was released, it might not be available until the next batch of updates - sometimes as late as 6 or 9 months later.

Customers who are using our latest versions and have an active subscription will continue to receive automatic updates as new versions are released.

What is so special about version 6.0.6 of the free Simple:Press plugin?

Version 6.0.6 of the free Simple:Press plugin is likely the last version that will use our legacy automatic updater for updates to premium plugins and themes .

Later versions will use our Easy Digital Downloads store automatic updater for premium modules.  This will require that users have a license key for each premium module AND an active subscription.  

I have the premium plugin and theme files - why can't I get updates?

Unfortunately, just having a premium plugin and theme file is not a way to verify ownership.  This is because those files can easily be shared (and have been shared)  with others who did not purchase from us.  As an open source product this is allowed but it does not mean that the shared files automatically entitle the recipients access to future updates for free.

Without the ability to prove ownership via a receipt of some kind, users who purchased before July 2015 will eventually need to purchase new subscriptions in order to continue to get updates.

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