Forum Usage Policy

Access to our Support Forum

Registration and membership of the Simple:Press forum is optional. Visitors to may freely access those parts of our forum that are publicly available.  However, in order to obtain support of any kind for our products you must register for an account.

Purchasing products on this site access grants access to the forums in line with the selected support plan as outlined on our pricing page and store. The selected support plan dictates access rules and remains in force for the specified duration of your support plan license and is revoked upon its expiration.

For many general questions regarding support, you may find that our Support FAQs answer them.

Forum Etiquette respectfully requests all of our members to remain polite and constructive when posting in the support forum. We retain the right to remove any posts made that we deem to be abusive or offensive to ourselves or other members and in extreme cases reserve the right to revoke membership without refund.

Support Forum Response

All forum questions are replied to on a best-efforts basis and no representation is made as to if or when a response might be made to queries. From time to time it may not be possible to respond immediately and we would ask you to be patient in such cases. Like our users, we also have families, houses, dentist appointments, other jobs, meals and sleep to deal with.

Bugs and Security

No software application is ever completely bug-free but our commitment is to correct reported bugs in a reasonable time-frame and to install timely updates and/or patches where appropriate.

Privacy takes your privacy very seriously and we encourage you to read our Privacy Policy as well as other legal notices available from the links at the bottom of this page.

Contacting Us

If you need to contact us regarding the website, it’s content or statements declared in this usage policy, please use our contact form.

Changes to this Policy

This Usage Policy will be kept under constant review and may change from time to time. If at any time usage conditions change we will update this policy accordingly.

Last updated October 9th 2018

10-9-2018: Updated links to privacy policy; removed outdated links; added new links to store; made other minor changes.

07-01-2016:  Original version