Group 1 Plugins

Push Notifications

By Simple Press / May 5, 2019

Send your end users new topic and new post notifications via SMS, Slack and specialized iOS/Android apps.

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Canned Replies (Quick Replies)

By Simple Press / May 3, 2019

This plugin allows you to create pre-configured replies you can use to quickly reply to posts in your forum. 

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By Simple Press / March 24, 2019

Create and schedule ads by date, forum area, user group, forums, topics and keywords.

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By Simple Press / March 19, 2019

Get quick stats on your forum with a sweet set of customizable charts for your WordPress dashboard.

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WooCommerce Dashboard Integration (Early Release)

By Simple Press / December 21, 2018

This Simple:Press plugin adds a direct link from your WooCommerce dashboard to your forums

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By Yellow Swordfish / April 16, 2017

Add that extra dimension to your forum topics with threaded posts

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By Yellow Swordfish / October 18, 2015

Let your Users build up the Reputations of their Peers

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