Using Themes

Important Note:  The contents of this document applies ONLY to version 5.x.x of Simple:Press.  It likely does NOT apply to version 6.x.x (our latest version).

Simple:Press uses themes in a similar way that WordPress utilizes them. We provide a ‘default’ theme when you install Simple:Press along with several different overlay files that allow you to choose specific color layouts for that theme.

We also supply a few other themes that you can use instead of the default one. These optional themes are primarily designed to show some different ways of designing your forum. The Simple:Press themes are available at Our Theme Library.

Where are the Simple:Press Themes Located?

The standard installation places the default Simple:Press theme in your /wp-content/sp-resources/forum-themes folder. It is not mandatory that you use this folder and you can change where Simple:Press finds it’s themes in the ‘Integration – Storage Locations’ admin page. The only requirement is that they are housed under the /wp-content/ folder somewhere.

Where do I put optional themes?

If you are using the default /wp-content/sp-resources/forum-themes  folder for your default theme it should look something like this with the listed sub-folders below it.





As you see the ‘default’ theme is a sub-folder of the forum-themes folder. Any additional themes would also be placed under the forum-themes folder.

As an example if you downloaded the ‘stacked’ theme and added it your folder(s) should appear like this.







How do I select which theme to use?

After you have optional themes installed you can select which ones to use by going to the Simple:Press admin – Themes – Available Themes page. You will be shown what theme you are currently using and what other themes you can select from.

As you can see from the example image below the forum is currently using the default theme and the sky-red overlay file.


















To use an optional theme you would click on the ‘Activate Theme’ button, but before you do you need to select an overlay file for it.  Click on the arrow and a list of available overlays will be shown.

Select your overlay and then click to activate. You should be all set and can view your new theme and overlay in your forums.

Using Mobile Themes

Simple:Press allows you to use a special theme for mobile or tablet devices. If you have optional themes installed or wish to create your own there is a way to show those themes on mobile devices.

You can select a special theme for mobile devices on the Simple:Press Admin Themes  > Mobile Theme page.





If you have optional themes installed you will see a list of all your themes. Similarly as shown above.  You can select which theme to activate for mobile devices and  which overlay.

You can select which mobile devices will be served the Mobile Theme on the Simple:Press Admin > Components > Mobile Support page.

Simple:Press comes with quite a few mobile devices already listed but you will want to review and make sure any new device is included.

Note:  Regardless of the Simple:Press theme you select it will be contained within your WordPress main theme’s container.  If you have a wide WordPress theme or large sidebars you may have to adjust them for mobile usage also.

Editing Themes

Simple:Press has a built in theme editor you can use to edit any theme you have installed on your site.

You can access the theme editor by going to the Simple:Press Admin > Themes > Theme Editor page.

Much like how WordPress works with their plugin editor you can select the theme or overlay to edit, make your changes and save them.

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