Plugin Theme Interactions

Important Note:  The contents of this document applies ONLY to version 5.x.x of Simple:Press.  It likely does NOT apply to version 6.x.x (our latest version).

Several of the Simple:Press plugins you may add to your forum are designed to give you added features that display new content, additional options or new forum pages.

When there is a special display or interaction required by a Simple:Press plugin, whether it be a form, button or even a complete new page, the plugin is written to use as much of the same styling as your Simple:Press theme as possible. We create them this way to give you the freedom of not having to edit or create CSS styling so that a plugin will match your forum layout.

If a plugin does require some special CSS styling or images we have created a common structure layout to make it easy to find it and make changes.

Plugins Resource Folder

All plugins we supply that require special CSS, images or JScript have a folder under their main plugin folder named /resources.
In that folder if the plugin requires additional CSS styling there will be a css folder included which contains specific CSS for that plugin. The same goes for images and JScript.

Using alternate CSS or image files

There maybe times that you want to change a plugins style or layout and you may want to edit the CSS file or images. You can change the files directly in the plugin’s folder but if you do, when there is an update to that plugin all your changes will be lost.

To eliminate any plugin customization being overwritten we have designed our plugins to look in your Simple:Press theme folder for a matching CSS or image file. If one is present the plugin will use those files instead. All of our supplied plugins use a different named CSS file for each and specially named image files that don’t match any image file name used in a Simple:Press theme.

If you want to have a Simple:Press plugin use a special CSS file you would first need to have a custom Simple:Press theme.  You would then copy the original css file from the plugin over to your theme’s /styles folder and edit that CSS file with your changes.

If using an alternate CSS file the original file is not used at all. Any CSS included in the original file you wish to keep,  must be included in the new CSS file

Using alternate image files for a Simple:Press plugin works similarly. If you place an image file, of the same name that the plugin uses, in your theme’s /images folder that image file will be used in place of the originally supplied one.  You do not need to have an alternate CSS file to have the plugin use alternate images.


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