Important Note:  The contents of this document applies ONLY to version 5.x.x of Simple:Press.  It likely does NOT apply to version 6.x.x (our latest version).


sp_PostIndexEditHistory() – Display Edit History of Post


sp_PostIndexEditHistory($args=”, $label=”, $legend=”, $toolTip=”


$args – list of arguments for controlling display.
Type: (string) (optional)
tagId =>spPostIndexEditHistory%ID%: CSS Class of the DIV. %ID% will be replaced with the post ID number
tagClass =>spButton: CSS class to apply to the container link for the div.
icon => sp_EditHistory.png: Filename of icon to display
iconClass =>spIcon: CSS class for the icon image.
popup => 1: Display edit information in a popup. A 1 is true a 0 (zero) is false
count  => 0: Number of edits to display. A 0 (zero) will show all and other number will limit to that number.
echo => 1, Is true. Echo the results. A 0 (zero) would return the information but not display.

$label – Text to display along side of icon.
Type: (string) (optional)
Default: None

$legend – Text to display when post is by an Admin.
Type: (string) (optional)
Default: None

$toolTip – Text to display when post is by an Admin.
Type: (string) (optional)
Default: None

Special Notes

This function is used in supplied themes in Topic View (TopicView.php file). Must be used in Topic post loop.


Use default settings and add the Simple:Press CSS Class to align left with the text “Edited by %USER% on %DATE%”  With %USER% being the user who edited the post and %DATE% being the date edited. Along with “View edit history” displayed when hovering over icon.

sp_PostIndexEditHistory('tagClass=spButton spLeft', '', __sp('Edited by %USER% on %DATE%'), __sp('View edit history'));

Actions and Hooks Used in Template Tag

  • $a = apply_filters(‘sph_PostIndexEditHistory_args’, $a); – allows modification of the arguments to the template tag. $a contains the parsed arguments.
  • $out = apply_filters(‘sph_PostIndexEditHistory’, $out, $a); – allows modification of the display code just prior to being output/returned. $out will contain the html display code.


Since Version: 5.0

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