Important Note:  The contents of this document applies ONLY to version 5.x.x of Simple:Press.  It likely does NOT apply to version 6.x.x (our latest version).


sp_SubForumIndexPostsIcon() – Display Forum Status (Show New Posts)


sp_SubForumIndexPostsIcon($args=”, $toolTip=”)


$args – list of arguments for controlling display.
Type: (string) (optional)
tagId => spForumIndexPostsIcon%ID%: CSS ID for Div when %ID% is the forum ID number.
tagClass =>spIcon: CSS Class for icon image
icon => sp_ForumStatusPost.png: Icon filename
openIcon => sp_GroupOpen.png’: Icon shown to open post list
closeIcon => sp_GroupClose.png: Icon shown to close post list.
popup    => 1: Shows latest post in a popup. A 0 (zero) will show on same page.
first   => 0: Pass argument to display first post along with last post.
echo=> 1: Echo the display. a 0 (zero) will return the information.

$toolTip – Text shown when icon hovered by mouse cursor.
Type: (string) (optional)
Default: None

Special Notes

Special function not used in all supplied Simple:Press themes.


Display icon that shows is there are new posts for a user, aligned right, using the slide open display instead of popup with the text “This forum has unread posts in %COUNT% (number of  topics) topic(s)” displayed when hovered.

sp_SubForumIndexPostsIcon('tagClass=spIcon spRight&popup=0', __sp('This forum has unread posts in %COUNT% topic(s)'));

Actions and Hooks Used in Template Tag

  • apply_filters(‘sph_SubForumIndexPostsIcon_args’, $a) – allows modification of the arguments to the template tag. $a contains the parsed arguments.
  • apply_filters(‘sph_SubForumIndexPostsIcon’, $out, $a) – allows modification of the display code just prior to being output/returned. $out will contain the html display code.


Since Version: 5.2

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