Custom Simple:Press Themes For Every Need

custom-themesSimple:Press comes with a great pack of base themes each including a rich variety of colour overlays, and for some they will find the perfect combination. But if your website has it’s own identity, individuality or corporate design, a custom theme can reflect your WordPress site or company image and make Simple:Press an instantly familiar page.

What Can a Custom Theme Do?

Customisation of Simple:Press is extensive when you start working with the theme mechanics. A combination of CSS and PHP templates allow you to customise everything from the smallest colour change to altering the way display functions behave. The templates make it easy to add, move or remove sections, changing the placement of information and how much information is displayed.. The list goes on.

Essentially everything can be changed. Whether you are looking for a new colour overlay or you want to go a bit more in depth and rework a function or an entire section, we will work closely with you and your specifications to produce the theme your website deserves.

What Do We Offer?

While we fully encourage anyone who uses Simple:Press to get involved in theme design, we understand not everybody has the time, the knowledge, or simply the free time to learn. The expertise we offer when creating a custom theme allows us to work quickly and efficiently, minimising the cost.

We are also proud to offer the relatively new option of a child theme. The benefit here is child themes only contain custom changes, and the bulk of the theme including the structure is loaded from the parent. This has several benefits, but the main and most important factor is the child theme being essentially maintenance free. In the past custom themes have needed to be manually updated with code changes upon a Simple:Press update, but using a child theme the parent receives updates as normal, and the child simply adds it’s changes over the top. This makes custom themes more accessible than ever, especially to those that want a theme that they can simply use and not have to maintain.

Let Simple:Press be Simple:Press!

It’s worth noting, despite the endless possibilities of theming within Simple:Press – it will always run on the same core framework and is unique. While it is technically possible to make Simple:Press look and function just like another forum from another developer, the workload required to achieve this would most likely outweigh the benefit. If you want Simple:Press to look and function identically to other forum software, you could possibly be using the wrong plugin!

Contact Us

Please note that due to the complexity of working with a theme, we require a specific plan in order to generate an accurate quote. We try not to work blindly, as when trying to match a forum to a WordPress theme – one persons idea of a good design is not necessarily everyone else’s. However, if you have the perfect WordPress theme and just want your forum to match, we are more than happy to discuss general design ideas and will happily work with you to bring a basic plan to life.

For a quote, to discuss options or simply ask a few questions, please contact us using the link in the sidebar.