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FAQ: Understanding Unread Post Lists

By Brandon / March 15, 2013

Understanding the Unread Post List The unread post list is a personalised compilation of all topics that have received new posts since the users last forum visit – or last forum page load. This list can only be maintained for registered users if the forum. This FAQ explains how it is compiled and maintained. When…

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By Brandon / November 5, 2011

Description sp_UnreadPostsInfo() – Displays Unread Posts Information and Icons along with affecting how the “Unread Post” information is displayed and what information is shown. Usage sp_UnreadPostsInfo($args=”, $label=”, $unreadToolTip=”, $markToolTip=”, $popupLabel=”); Arguments Note: If the value of any of this function’s arguments/parameters or the placement of this function in standard supplied Simple:Press theme pages is to…

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