Topic Status


By Brandon / November 23, 2012

Description sp_TopicIndexStatusIcons() – Displays Topic Status (Locked/Pinned/New Post) Usage sp_TopicIndexStatusIcons($args=”, $toolTipLock=”, $toolTipPin=”, $toolTipPost=”) Arguments $args – list of arguments for controlling display. Type: (string) (optional) Default: tagId => spTopicIndexStatus%ID%, CSS ID to apply to the container link for the div. %ID is the forum ID number. tagClass => spStatusIcon, CSS class to apply to the…

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Plugin: Topic Status

By Brandon / February 19, 2012

Plugin Description Plugin: Topic Status – With this Simple:Press plugin a current status can be assigned to topics from lists that are created. Plugin Features Once the sets of status lists are defined, a set can be assigned to a forum allowing the forum’s topics to take on the statuses in the set. The topic’s…

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