special ranks

Plugin: Ranks Information

By Brandon / February 17, 2013

Plugin Description Plugin: Ranks Information – This Simple:Press plugin allows setup of forum standard and special rankings of users, displaying a forum user’s rank on their forum posts, and a forum page listing the members and their rankings. WARNING: If the Simple:Press “Hide Posters” plugin is active and posts have been configured to hide the…

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By Mr Papa / November 5, 2011

Description sp_UserSpecialRank – This function is used to display a user’s special ranks. Usage sp_UserSpecialRank($args=”, $ranks=”); Arguments $args – List of arguments for controlling display. Type: (string) (optional) Default: ‘tagClass’ => ‘spSpecialRank’ ‘titleClass’ => ‘spSpecialRank’ ‘badgeClass’ => ‘spSpecialRank’ ‘showTitle’ => 1 ‘showBadge’ => 1 ‘echo’ => 1 ‘tagClass’: Class to apply to the forum rank…

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