Special Rank


By Brandon / January 3, 2013

Description sp_PostIndexUserSpecialRank() – Display user special ranks Usage sp_PostIndexUserSpecialRank($args=”) Arguments $args – list of arguments for controlling display. Type: (string) (optional) Default: tagId => spPostIndexUserSpecialRank%ID%: CSS Class of the DIV. %ID% will be replaced with the post ID number tagClass => spPostUserSpecialRank: CSS class to apply to the container link for the div imgClass =>…

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Template Tag: Show Special Ranks

By Brandon / June 20, 2012

The Template Tag Show Special Ranks tag displays forum rank for the specified user. This template tag is included in the Template Tags and Widgets plugin available on the Simple:Press Our Plugin Library page. The function used is sp_ShowSpecialRanksTag() and the file that makes the magic happen is sp-ShowSpecialRanks-tag.php which is located in the plugin’s template-tags/library…

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