How Do I Allow People to Register on My Forum?

By Mr Papa / June 9, 2012

A successful forum needs members and for people to register as a member on your site, registrations need to be enabled. This is not a function of Simple:Press but of your WordPress blog. To turn on registrations go to WordPress – Settings – General and check the box labelled Membership – Anyone Can Register. You…

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By Mr Papa / November 5, 2011

Description sp_RegisterButton() -This function is used to display a register button for the site. Usage sp_RegisterButton($args=”, $label=”, $toolTip=”); Arguments $args – List of arguments for controlling display. Type: (string) (optional) Default: ‘tagId’ => ‘spRegisterButton’ ‘tagClass’ => ‘spButton’ ‘link’ => esc_url(wp_registration_url()) ‘icon’ => ‘sp_Registration.png’ ‘iconClass’ => ‘spIcon’ ‘mobileMenu’ => 0 ‘echo’ => 1 ‘tagId’:ID to assign…

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