Why do my new posts show as posted minus seconds ago?

By Yellow Swordfish / April 14, 2012

Simple:Press optionally displays first, last and new post date and time in what is known as a ‘nice date’ format – i.e., ’20 seconds ago’, ‘2 hours ago’, ‘3 days ago’ etc. If instead you are seeing a display of minus seconds then this most usually points to incorrectly set timezone settings. The WordPress Server…

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How Do the Post Moderation Permissions Work?

By Yellow Swordfish / March 17, 2012

Post moderation is where a post does not show on your forum until it has been approved. Simple:Press uses a couple of permissions actions to control post moderation. The two permission actions are: Can bypass all post moderation and Can bypass first post moderation Using these two permission actions, you can achieve the following Post…

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