By Brandon / January 10, 2013

Description sp_PostIndexUserLinkedIn() –  Display User’s LinkedIn icon and link Usage sp_PostIndexUserLinkedIn($args=”, $toolTip=”) Arguments $args – list of arguments for controlling display. Type: (string) (optional) Default: tagId =>spPostIndexUserLinkedIn%ID%: CSS Class of the DIV. %ID% will be replaced with the user’s ID number tagClass => spPostUserLinkedIn:  CSS class to apply to the signature area. icon => sp_LinkedIn.png: Filename…

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Plugin: Share This

By Brandon / December 30, 2012

Plugin Description – This Simple:Press plugin is for social sharing of forum topics and posts with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more using the Share This service. Note: The Share This plugin for WordPress does not have to be installed for this Simple:Press plugin to function. Becoming a Registered Publisher with Share This at…

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