Plugin: TinyMCE Editor

By Mr Papa / February 19, 2012

Plugin Description Plugin: TinyMCE Editor – This Simple:Press plugin adds the The TinyMCE rich text editor to the forum. TinyMCE is a  WYSIWYG and more type of editor. Plugin Features Installing this Simple:Press plugin adds: A new Editor TinyMCE Rich Text section in the “Available Plugins – Install Simple:Press Plugins” panel under the forum Admin…

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Plugin: Quicktags BBCode Editor

By Brandon / February 19, 2012

Plugin Description – This plugin is a for using a simple BBCode editor based on WordPress ‘Quicktags’  which features one-click buttons that insert code for the post author. Bulletin Board Code or BBCode is a lightweight markup language used to format posts in many message boards. BBCode was devised to provide a safer, easier and…

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