FAQ: How to Remove Simple:Press Acknowledgments

By Brandon / February 22, 2013

Similar to how most all WordPress theme have credits in the footer all Simple:Press themes come with an credit or acknowledgment at the bottom of the forum display with a link to Simple:Press. If you find that it is obtrusive or not needed you can remove the acknowledgment by editing and removing it from the…

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By Brandon / November 5, 2011

Description sp_Acknowledgements() – This function is used to display forum acknowledgements popup and url links. Usage sp_Acknowledgements($args=”, $label=”, $toolTip=”, $siteToolTip=”); Arguments $args – List of arguments for controlling display. Type: (string) (optional) Default: ‘tagId’ => ‘spAck’ ‘tagClass’ => ‘spAck’ ‘icon’ => ‘sp_Information.png’ ‘iconClass’ => ‘spIcon’ ‘linkClass’ => ‘spLink’ ‘showPopup’ => 1 ‘echo’ => 1 ‘tagId’:   ID…

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