Easily Build INTEGRATED Forum, Community and Membership Sites For WordPress

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Three WordPress Plugins For Building Premium Conversation, Community and Member-focused sites

Bring your users together by encouraging conversation with our Forums Plugin.  Make them love your website with our Member Manager Plugin.  And increase your revenue with our Subscriptions plugin.

  • Simple:Press

    Simple:Press Forums is the most powerful forum plugin for WordPress on the planet!  Seriously! Developed over 12+ years, it has hundreds of features spanning 70+ modules. Everything you might need to run even the largest forums is included!

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  • Simple:Press
    Member Manager

    A full suite of tools focused on the end-user that includes login forms, custom emails, member directories, member notices, basic social media functions, private messaging, permission management and more.

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  • Simple:Press

    Implement a paid membership system on your WordPress site.  Supports unlimited membership levels, recurring payments, custom registration and profile fields, content protection and more.

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See These Plugins In Action

What to see what you could build?  Check out our demo site and let your imagination run wild!

Simple:Press Forums - Plugin Features

  • Unlimited Forums

    Unlimited forums, sub-forums and forum-groups help organize even the largest community

  • Secure

    Powerful user group and permission system that is fully integrated into the WordPress registration and login routines.

  • SEO Friendly

    Create pretty/seo-friendly permalinks.  Control page and browser title settings for topics.  Integrate with the All-in-one SEO Pack plugin.

  • Private Messaging

    Permit users to send and receive private messages with each other and with admins and moderators.  And with e-mail notifications of course!

  • Revenue Generation

    Running a premium forum?  Use our AD module to display ads anywhere in your forum.  Or integrate our Member Subscriptions plugin to charge users for access to your forum.

Simple:Press Member Manager
Plugin Features

  • Easy Setup

    Install the plugin, add the pages to your menu and you're ready to go with beautiful login, registration, profile and account forms for all your users.

  • Registration Features

    Create one or more registration forms with custom fields and link to them from anywhere on your site.  Automatically assign different roles with different forms.  Force users to be verified before using your site.  

  • User Directories

    Create and display any number of user directories. Limit directories to users with designated roles. Use or hide cover photos. Control search and sort options.

  • Content and Access Controls

    Control access to menu items, pages and posts.  Restrict functions based on whether the user has completed their profile.  Lock down the homepage and redirect based on roles.  

  • Community

    Includes friends and followers functions, user reviews and ratings, public and private groups, private messaging, photos and more. 

  • Integrations

    Includes integrations with Simple:Press Forums, bbPress, MailChimp and WooCommerce.  

Simple:Press Member Subscriptions
Plugin Features

  • Unlimited Membership Levels

    Set up as many membership levels as you like, each with their own prices, trial periods and optional recurring payment periods.

  • Content Restriction

    Restrict content by membership levels. Your posts, pages and menus can be assigned to one or more levels. Lock down designated Simple:Press Forums or bbPress forums by membership level.

  • Drip Content

    Release content to users over time. Content that is dripped will not be released to the user until the specified period has passed after their signup date.

  • Discount Codes

    Issue discount codes that can be restricted to level, number of users and date ranges

  • Revenue Enhancement

    Tweak your payment schemes with intial fees, variable pricing, fixed expiration dates and site-wide sales promotions.  You can even accept donations!

  • Payment Gateways

    Stripe and Paypal are both supported. 

Use Cases

What kind of sites can you build?

  • Membership Sites

    Build membership sites that are free or that require one-off or periodic payments.  Restrict content to members only.

  • Support Sites

    Need to offer customer support to your end users?  Our forums and integration with the most popular help-desk plugin makes it easy to offer a multi-channel support solution!

  • Donation Sites

    Create sites that collect donations via our Member Subscriptions plugin.  And offer a discussion community to donors with our Forums plugin.

  • Communities

    Building a community of users?  Need to facilitate discussion?  Our products are perfect for that. Features such as forums, private messaging and user directories make creating your perfect community simple!

  • e-Learning Sites

    Sell courses, mentoring, coaching, consulting and more.

  • Standard Websites

    Any kind of website that requires a user to login or register should use our products. WordPress is a super-powerful platform but the default end-user experience in WordPress is just awful.  Your users deserve (and expect) better!

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Hosted Versions

Looking for a hosted version of our plugins? Check out easymembershipsites.io - everything you need to build out your membership site in record time!